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The Q DA12 incorporates the following features: the same 2.5mm diameter European designed capsule which has been proven to provide clear full-frequency audio.

Enclosure design that protects the capsule in such as way as to be water resistant.

Radical new earpiece design that can be adjusted to suit smaller and larger ears

Adjustable boom length to suit different faces and applications.

DA-12 headworn microphone comes in a zipper pouch containing the mic, cable, tie clip, and two windscreens.

At time of purchase, customer selects one adapter from the wide range available (priced separately).

Enhancements to the DA12 include a slight tapering of the ear cushion in all the right places for superior comfort and hold on either the left or right ear . A higher-density moveable boom-arm brings greater durability and flexibility during positioning while maximizing audio performance. A heavy-duty stretch cable made with materials from an innovative Thermoplastic process delivers better reliability. The Q Logo is now embossed on each side of the ear cushion for easy recognition. Newly manufactured high quality connectors (sold separately) are now available for more wireless belt packs including Shure, Sennheiser, AT, AKG, Lectrosonics, EV, and more. An XLR phantom powered connector is also available.

The Q DA12 BE Headworn Mic includes:

  • 1 DA12 BE -45 dB (Omni) Beige Headworn Microphone
  • 1 Detachable Cable – DACA A1E Compact to Compact
  • 2 DAWS HE Foam Windscreens
  • 1 DATC 1E Tie Clip
  • 1 Leatherette Zip Pouch

DA12 BE Single Ear Headworn Microphone, -45 dB (Omni) Beige
DA12 BL Single Ear Headworn Microphone, -45 dB (Omni) Black
DA12 DE Single Ear Headworn Microphone, -45 dB (Omni) Petite Beige
DA12 DL Single Ear Headworn Microphone, -45 dB (Omni) Petite Black

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