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Si3 by Soundcraft

2008.09.21 19:21

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Soundcraft Si3
The Soundcraft Si3 is designed for live use on both touring sound systems and in fixed installations and its intuitive operation and high input and bus count makes it a perfect choice for House of Worship sound systems. Theatre users will also find the Soundcraft Si3 very applicable in their area. 

Soundcraft has revisited the control topology employed on the ground-breaking Spirit 328 and 324 digital consoles, and made it even easier. The model is this - above each fader is a rotary encoder, the function of which changes according to the mode selected. This ‘bank’ of encoders, known as the VCS or Virtual Channel Strip can be set to control every function of a channel (known as Channel mode), so mic gain, EQ, dynamics, auxes, panning are all controlled as if you had a normal analogue channel strip laid sideways in front of you. The VCS also incorporates all the switching you would find on an individual analogue channel strip (48v, Phase Reverse, EQ In etc.). Alternatively, in what is called Global mode, each encoder controls the same function for each channel. So, for example, the encoders could control all the mic gains, pans or a chosen Aux bus (very useful for creating monitor mixes). 

On the rear of this highly-featured console are all the I/O connectors you’ll need. Sixty-four XLR’s for the mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line level inputs, 24 bus output XLR’s, 8 matrix output XLR’s Left/Right/Centre mix output XLRs, Left/Right/Centre monitor output XLRs and comprehensive internal and external talkback and Oscillator connections. There are also 8 analogue insert connections which allow outboard processing to be inserted into any input channel output bus.

For more information on the Soundcraft Si3, please visit www.soundcraftdigital.com/products/si3 
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